amy & kristie; two girls with a shared love for the Percy Jackson series




Is this what happens when you realize you’re gay?



A little stress relief doodling. ;v; I want to reread the PJATO/HOO books again~ ^v^


i fell again for your cliche lies.

Complete silence, except for each other’s ryhtmic and quiet heartbeats.


I figured I would post this to tumblr, I did this about a month ago, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase! I love these two and I put a lot of work into this piece! I hope you enjoy it!!!! Ψ

EDIT: omg wow you guys, thank you for liking this i am so happy wow. 

“I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to kneel or buy stamps from him or what.” -Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

too young for what they had been through


Heroes of Olympus // Percabeth

author’s note: for my best friend, Em. I miss you so much.

She carefully slips her hands into his, linking their fingers while a soft breeze flickers through, goosebumps rising on her skin. His arms are wrapped tightly are her waist, pulling her close to him….



what if bianca did actually live and hephaestus visited his junkyard and was like ‘why’s there a human in my jun-HOLY SHIT SHE’S ALIVE’ and then he fixes her a half robot body and she becomes unstoppable