amy & kristie; two girls with a shared love for the Percy Jackson series


I feel that on every film I make – initially I have to convince myself of my own worth, and then go out there and try my best. I always go in very insecure. But I feel that anxiety and stress is fuel for the fire to try to find what I need to discover.

“If you were a god, how would you like being called a myth, an old story to explain lightning? What if I told you, Perseus Jackson, that someday people would call you a myth, just created to explain how little boys can get over losing their mothers?” 


Hazel Levesque for the Blood of Olympus character countdown




it’s 3am and idk anymore here’s a painting of annabeth with all her battle scars (click for high res)


Sooo this is what all those wips were for haha
I’ve been lazy tho and haven’t finished the other three missing ones, I’m sorry ;~; Also because I slightly changed my drawing style so anything I draw now will look different from these /:

But yeah, I love pokemon crossovers they’re the best ones ever laskjfd;las





Even if the whole world had a crush on Percy, he wouldn’t have noticed.

basically the entire world has a crush on Percy anyway

And has he noticed?

I highly doubt that

HoO's characters Minimalists ----> Percy Jackson(insp)


So I hear my favorite girl is under the weather, and we can’t have that! For you, Viria uwu